Rank Your Website following easy steps in 2019

You have a website! You have launched it recently!! Or, you have launched it in the past!!! But it is not ranking. Rank Website following easy steps in 2019.

You may be new to SEO. But no factor. Don’t be a worry. You can help Google to rank your website. So you have to take the following steps.

Rank your website following easy steps.

Improve and optimize your WordPress site.

Present more traffic on your site.

WordPress Setting's setting:

At the begging of the story (SEO). You have to notice you completed some WordPress setting. This setting is most essential to rank your website. So be careful about it

Change Reading Setting

Go to the Setting from your WordPress dashboard. Click on Reading. You have to notice that “Discourage search engines from indexing this site,” is checked of unchecked! You must Uncheck it. If you don’t notice it, all your effort about Ranking with go to the water!

rank website

Changing Permalink Settings

The second important thing that is to be followed, you have to go to the setting then permalink setting. Generally, you find that the Numeric radio button is dotted! You have to select the Post Name radio button. It is an important factor because you want to rank your site as well are the page with the title.

rank website-permalink setting

Optimize the Title of the article.

Your title ought to contain your catchphrase as well. However much as could reasonably be expected to place the watchword toward the start of your title as web indexes give more load with this.

The ideal title length is around 50-60 characters. It is imperative to watch the length of your title so it demonstrates appropriately on web indexes.


As per David Ogilvy, “overall, 5x the same number of individuals read the feature as reading the body duplicate. When you’ve composed your feature, you’ve burned through eighty pennies out of your dollar.” This implies your titles ought to be ground-breaking and convincing to tempt your guests to peruse your substance.


You can utilize devices like Headline Analyzer that can enable you to dissect your title and how to make it significant to your peruses.

To get the content idea and best SEO friendly the following tool can be used-

  1. SE Ranking: SE Ranking
  1. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer: Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer
  1. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer: Coschedule
  1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator: Portent’s Content Idea Generator
  1. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator: Hubspot
  1. LinkBait Title Generator: LinkBait Title Generator
  1. Magazine Covers: There are many types of magazine.
  2. Headline Wizard: Headline Wizard
  1. B-Rhymes: B-Rhymes
  1. Qualaroo: Qualaroo
  1. BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo
  1. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator: SEOPressor

Optimize the content of the article

Image Optimize:

:::::::Use image SEO right way:::::::

You should use at least one image for each article. This image should be of a little size. By using TinyPng the image size can be reduced!

You can also use the Smush WordPress plugin to reduce image file size. Let’s see the video of smash use:

The important think of using an image is to use the image alter tag as the picture below:Rank website - image alter tag

Heading Tag Use

Proper use of heading tag. Yoast has given a good rule of using h1 to h6 tag. To see that rule to the link of  “The heading structure for your blog

Outbound Links to Rank Website

Outbound links are those links that we put inside our content from another website. The higher authority site’s link can improve your site to come to google rank. So use high authority, content related outbound links.

To check the Domain authority you can use Mozbar as the extension of your browser.

Internal Links to Rank Websiterank website- inbound links

Internal links are those links use the link of you won website another article of content. It bounds the people to stay on your website for a long time. It reduces the bouncing rate.


Ideal Content-Length to Rank Website

What will be the length of an ideal content is doubtful. It must be bigger than 300 words. 1500 words content is saying ideal content by most of the experts.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

The more your content is shared by the people the more traffic will come to read the post. I’ll be easy to share your post for the reader if he gets the share button near his hand. So use social sharing buttons.

To add there are many WordPress plugins. to Rank Website

Improve Your Website’s loading Speed

Website’s loading Speed is an important factor to rank a website. In general, sense, if a website takes more time to load a visitor feel disturb. So he’ll go to see another site that’s speed is better. To Check the website speed you can use the following tools.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/Rank Website- Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. GTmetrix: https://gtmetrix.com/Rank Website gtmetrix-speed-test
  3. Pingdom Speed Test: http://tools.pingdom.com/fpt/Rank Website Pingdom
  4. KeyCDN Website Speed Test: https://tools.keycdn.com/speedRank-Website Keycdn
  5. WebPageTest: http://www.webpagetest.org/Rank Website -webpagetestYor can get essential suggestion from this tools.

Use Responsive Design

You should keep in mind that different type of user uses a different type of device to visit your site. Some use pc, desktop, laptop, smartphone. So your site should have to be responsive. All device is suitable for a responsive site. Rank Website

You can check your site responsiveness by clicking (Ctrl+Shift+I). You can use Googles Device Mode.

Except the above, you have to be conscious about minifying JavaScript and CSS code, and browser caching.

In fine, we can close the article by saying that Google ranking factor may change but the necessity of a good article’s demand never be changed! Rank Website!

Thank to keep with us. Never bear any grudge to share it.