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More than 20 top educational websites of Bangladesh

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More than 20 top educational websites of Bangladesh

More than 20 top educational websites of Bangladesh

Education is the backbone of a nation. Everyone has a tendency to learn new things. It may be online or offline. As it is the time of modernization, we can learn when we need, where we need, whatever we need. I think More than 20 top educational websites of Bangladesh will help you to overcome the need for education.

  1. Shikkhok Batayon


This site is a task of the administration of Bangladesh that plans to bring digitalization of instruction of our nation into a reality. The site basically is advanced with PPT introduction slide substance clarifying diverse terms and themes of school-level scholarly examinations.

There are three standards examine substance (General, Madrasa, and Technical) are accessible there. The substance is arranged and transferred by various educators of various schools and madrasas around the nation. The site is totally allowed to utilize.

  1. eShikhon


At eShikhon.com, you can step through various model exams to set yourself up with your subjects. Study subjects from JSC level to BSC test planning – you can take the theme savvy test at various dimensions.

You can experiment with a specialized broad media course from a scope of courses like CPA preparing, SEO, WordPress, visual depiction, partner promoting, android improvement and so on. The blog segment of the webpage has numerous useful reviews that can enable an understudy to get in the know regarding most recent training news.

  1. 10 Minute School


Over 12,000+ recordings covering all class 1-12 subjects, proficient and expertise improvement courses from gifted mentors, across the board place, totally free of expense, from any edge of the world.

  1. Repto Education Center


Repto can be named as a deshi adaptation of Udemy. The training procedure here is basic. A few specialists set up a video course and transfer it on Repto, understudies take on the courses and get ensured after fruition.

The courses can be of the two sorts – paid and free. Distinctive fields of instruction like Programming, Digital Marketing, Graphic plan, Photography, English language, MS Office, Database, Entrepreneurship, and so forth are the real kinds of courses you will discover at Repto.

  1. Educarnival


“This site is additionally set up focusing the aggressive test readiness. You can locate any past inquiries of the state aggressive tests like BCS, open varsity confirmation, Medical school, Bank Job, SSC, Teacher enrollment and other government enlistment tests. One next to the other, you can sit for model tests for every one of the modules.

There is a report/task area where you can discover numerous scholarly reviews identified with various themes that will without a doubt help you shape up you are adapting all the more faultlessly.

  1. Educationpedia of Bangladesh


This site has a few heaps of substance for any understudy to get ready for a college confirmation test. Humanities, Science, and trade – every single departmental subject can be learned at the affirmation readiness tab.

You can step through various model examinations to set yourself up for the up and coming test. The news tab has all the most recent news about the confirmation tests coming up to stay up with the latest. Discover the site of your recorded college just by finding the name of it in the University tab.

  1. Amar Pathshala


Amar Pathshala (http://amarpathshala.com) one of the most loved instructive site. Amar Pathshala is given instructive data like affirmation roundabout and result, Career direct, work roundabout, the video instructional exercise for the understudies to get training legitimately. They additionally give the exercise for BCS and other employment arrangements. The site position one out of the top 10 online instruction destinations in Bangladesh.

  1. Bangladesh Result


Bangladesh result (https://bangladeshresult.com) a standout amongst the most well-known sites for knowing outcomes. Toufiq Hassan is the administrator of Bangladesh result site. Bangladesh result gives different sorts of results in Bangladesh as like SSC result, HSC result, college affirmation results, colleges test results. They likewise give download offices to download restorative books, outsourcing book and article of drug and different kinds of audits.

  1. LekhaPora BD


LekhaPora BD (https://lekhaporabd.com) is the notable instructive site in Bangladesh. Al Mamun Munna is the proprietor of the site. It has two adaptations site one Bangla rendition and another English form. Lekhapora BD is given a wide range of training stages data in Bangladesh like confirmation test data, result data, prospectus, proposal, standard, course book, work roundabout and some more

  1. Dainikshiksha


Dainikshiksha (http://www.dainikshiksha.com) is Bangla instructive news gateway. As a Bangla instructive paper its gives training related news which is useful for understudies and instructors. In the event that you are looking at a wide range of instructive news, at that point, Dainikshiksha is an amazing source.

  1. MCQStudy


This site is totally committed to BSC test readiness. Locate the most recent examination substance on various themes of the test to think about in a hurry from your PC, PC or cell phone. Experience the past inquiries from the tremendous file of inquiry bank and set yourself up for the test fight. Sit for a model test to settle your planning to make you one stride further.





On the off chance that you are genuinely considering sitting for the BCS test, Teacher enrollment or MBA test, you can discover the dimension of your readiness at the last stage with pre-testbd.com. In excess of 20 thousand inquiries are there for you to experience and outfit your readiness at the absolute last minutes. With the myexaminer.net augmentation, you can sit for BSC demonstrate test also.

  1. Shikkhok.com


Shikkhok.com is one of the most seasoned web based learning destinations in Bangladesh. Obscure to the greater part of the young, this site has been a center point for information searchers for a long time. Established in 2012, it has been developing with maximum capacity from that point forward.

The addresses are intended for everyone to get it. The best thing about Shikkhok.com is that it has a board of instructors who are master and exceeded expectations in their very own instructive field. Take in at your opportunity from the Freelance corner, Mobile application improvement, Computer science and innovation, Engineering, Language and even subjects from SSC and HSC level.

14 . Bangladesh Result


Bangladesh Result is such sort of valuable site for Bangladesh instructive field which gives different kinds of the consequence of different kinds of field of instructive structures in Bangladesh, for example, SSC result, HSC result, and distinctive colleges results. It additionally gives instructive news distributed from every single instructive specialist in Bangladesh. This site is additionally advance in giving different sorts of innovative tips and traps. By perusing this site persistently, you will almost certainly know the instructive news, instructive outcomes and fundamental tips about the distinctive field of our fundamental ability including innovative field and Medicine field.

  1. Learn English online – British Council | Bangladesh


Learn English with sites. View our determination of free web-based learning materials for English, from the British Council.

  1. Lekha Pora BD


This is the principal scholarly examination webpage in Bangla Community in Bangla blog website. The motivation behind ‘Lekhaporabd’ is to make a network of understudies at all dimensions.

This site likewise is additionally attempting to guarantee that training and data administrations will be given easily. They attempt to tackle all required issue about the investigation of BD understudy.

  1. Amar Pathshala


Amarpathshala is a famous Bangla training site. You will get all Bangla distinctive sorts of model test and past inquiry paper structure Amarpathshala.

This site likewise gives the video instructional exercise to the understudy for helping them legitimately. Thus, this site is attempting to give all sort of instruction administration for Bangladesh.

  1. Ghankosh


Ghankosh (www.ghankosh.blogspot.com) is the primary Bangla instructive site in Bangladesh which gives online examination room office. They additionally have a store of Bangla instructive components which is about can download rapidly and free.

  1. Srijonshil


Srijonshil (http://www.srijonshil.com) is a Bangla instructive site which causes you picking up, understanding and applying Srijonshil framework. Srijonshil is one of best E-learning based site. It has an immense gathering of the visual exercise which enables an understudy to learn exercise for all intents and purposes.

  1. Bangla Books PDF


Bangla Books PDF (https://banglabookspdf.blogspot.com) in the wake of realizing the site name you comprehend what sort of site it is. Truly, this webpage giving you a great deal of accumulation Bangla books as PDF position for nothing download.

From Bangla Books PDF, you will get different kinds of Books in PDF position yet in addition articles on study tips, Edu result, course readings, wellbeing tips, English learning tips, instructive establishment foundation of Bangladesh, innovativeness tips, etc. Thus, it is a valuable site in the field of instruction

  1. Edpdbd


Edpdbd (http://www.edpdbd.org/) is driving instructive site in Bangladesh. This site has particularly included confirmation planning data and guide. So students get help all around effectively utilizing the site.

In the event that you pursue the site, you will get confirmation and test arrangement control. This site gives all data about college affirmation, BCS, IBA, BUET, Medical and a wide range of employment planning.

  1. Teachers.gov.bd


Instructor Batayan (https://www.teachers.gov.bd) is a Bangla site which is overseen by the Ministry of Education (Bangladesh). You can likewise call that site understudy and instructor network.

Here instructors are giving assets and exercises then again understudies utilizing the assets and exercises to improve as far as anyone is concerned

  1. Teachingbd24


“It is a Bangla instruction website that gives free online training and fantastic courses in the Bengali language to provincial, impeded and back worth understudies in Bangladesh and West-Bengal.

This site stage units of all instructor and scientists to make simple of Bangla training. In this way, in the event that you are an understudy, it will be most valuable for you.


This website gives the proposal, confirmation data, work around, free online instruction and guarantees better quality courses. It is an advantageous site for understudies. Teachingbd24 likewise permit the visitor post that is the reason anybody can gain cash and quality backlink.”

  1. StudyPress


StudyRresss focuses on aggressive tests for employment, regardless of whether government occupation or private. The site is a center point for understudies who need to exceed expectations in their aggressive tests, for example, BSC, government work tests, and bank employment.

The examination module is separated into various parts – BSC, Bank, Govt. Job, NTRCA, MBA. Under every one of these areas, you will discover ponder materials, ongoing inquiries and model tests.

You can peruse, practice, take a test or sit for a model test for your objective test. You have to agree to accept that at first. You can likewise sign in on the other hand just by your F

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