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Curriculum: English (for primary school of Bangladesh)

Curriculum: English for primary school in Bangladesh
Curriculum: English for primary school in Bangladesh

Curriculum: English (for primary school of Bangladesh)


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Curriculum: English


Curriculum: English


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Curriculum: English for primary education in Bangladesh.


Essential English dialect training educational programs in Bangladesh supports the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach. It centers around creating open capability among EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students in Bangladesh. NCTB (National Curriculum Textbook Board) is in charge of creating English course books for essential level understudies with a view to advancing informative fitness among the students. Be that as it may, it is seen that standards of CLT are not reflected in the classroom educating and testing. This examination goes for investigating the current situation of our English classroom rehearse. By receiving a blended strategy approach we attempted to research into the issue. The investigation of the gathered information uncovers that there exists no consistency between educational programs articulation and classroom instructing and testing strategy. Toward the finish of the examination, we have proposed a few proposals to address the confuse between Primary English showing educational programs and its usage. English educating and learning was presented in an established provision for free, universal and Indian sub-mainland amid the British government in the obligatory instruction, the Government propelled the district. Step by step English dialect turned into an imperative primary instruction program amid the early mandatory medium of correspondence amid pioneer period. ”It The 90s. In 1991, the government announced essential started with the need to meet the business needs, instruction free for all youngsters in government-run and achieved a place where it needed to meet the requests schools. The essential level of instruction is overseen by of business, edification, logical and techno-the directorate of essential training and course readings are consistent progression, political character, and modern-designed by National educational modules and course reading board.

 Indeed, even after the flight of the Before the presentation of CLT, punctuation interpretation British colonizers, the two India and joined Pakistan did not strategy was followed in our nation. undermine the need of English dialect. In any case,

As a honing educator, I have seen that Bangladesh Government chose to limit the utilization of English dialect instructing isn’t legitimately done in English in the wake of accomplishing the autonomy from Pakistan

our schools. The facts confirm that the syllabi, educational module, and

in 1971. But soon it was demonstrated that deserting reading material has been reconsidered in accordance with the CLT of English will be self-destructive. So Government reexamined the standards in Bangladesh yet other essential issues like choice when the informed society of Bangladesh classroom educating,  valuation approach, and so forth remained supported to reintroduce English dialect educating. generally unaltered. We feel that we have to evaluate them

The Government of Bangladesh presented usage of English Language Teaching (ELT) Communicative Language Teaching(CLT) in the late course books as our understudies find the opportunity to learn the 90s.The educational modules advancement of National Curriculum English just by utilizing those reading material in their school life.

Course reading Board (NCTB) plainly puts accentuation on the advancement of the informative fitness of a) Background to the investigation the students in English as Ministry of Education The principal targets of showing English in (MoE) chose to execute Communicative Language Primary level training in Bangladesh are to empower

Author Literature, Chawak Bazar, Chittagong, Bangladesh.r: Associate Professor, International Islamic University Chittagong, Department of English Language and College Road, students to comprehend straightforward directions, guidelines, and demands in English and furthermore convey them out(National Curriculum and Textbooks Board, 2012). Be that as it may

email: arshad.mayar@gmail.com real situation is not quite the same as their destinations. In city

area because of the attention to the watchmen, youngsters can convey in English particularly in the non-public schools. Notwithstanding, this isn’t the accomplishment of the schools, in reality. In any case, in the remote provincial zones, the circumstance is hopeless. Instructors do not have the important ability to show English according to the necessity of CLT. There is a tremendous hole among educational programs and course book usage.

Curriculum: English(primary School-bd)

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